Codonopsis gracilis

Codonopsis gracilis Hook.f. & Thomson, Ill. Himal. Pl. t. 16 A 1855. (Syn: Campanumoea gracilis (Hook. f.) G. Nicholson; Leptocodon gracilis (Hook.f. & Thomson) Lem.);
Common name: Slender Bonnet Bellflower
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Leptocodon gracilis from Arunachal Pradesh : 4 posts by 4 authors. Attachments (2).
Please find attached a climber recorded from the Tawang District, Arunachal Pradesh.
Plant name: Leptocodon gracilis (J. D. Hooker & Thomson) Lemaire
Syno Name: Codonopsis gracilis J. D. Hooker & Thomson
Family: Campanulaceae
Recorded from: Tawang District, Arunachal Pradesh Elevation: 2000-2500
Habitat: Dense Forest
Excellent find ... Do share more plants from this region..


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Flora of China (Leptocodon gracilis (J. D. Hooker & Thomson) Lemaire)