Campanula species- Juphal, C. Nepal

Date: 18/10/2019
Juphal; central nepal 2500m
next to footpath; non cultivated Plant
Height; ca 25 cm
Leaves  hairy
Flower: typical campanula
Suggestion: Campanula pallida
Altitude: ca 2900m
Flowering period: october 

Does not match with any species so far in efi site at Campanula
I think it is close to Campanula argyrotricha Wall. ex DC. as per Flora of Pakistan FoP illustration GBIF  Checklist of Nepal
I have also checked keys in Flora of Bhutan and other species listed in Checklist of Nepal

I guess you are right ...
I looked at the site
but my plant was about 25 cm and not growing in crevices of the rocks.
So I doubt if its OK
Thanks, ... Possibly we have to have a relook at our images on the given page. 
Hi, ..., May I request you to pl. have a relook at your images of this plant in efi site. 
The plant in question is not C. argyrotricha in my opinion. It is not alpine plant and  the elevation mentioned (2500m) do not match. Plant seems too robust and leaves too thick to be C. argyrotricha
It may be a species not represented in eFI; like C. wattiana

May I request you to pl have a look at per Flora of Pakistan FoP illustration GBIF  Checklist of Nepal

Based on FoP illustration & GBIFI am sure that posted plant is C. argyrotricha   

Based on discussions at Campanula argyrothicha from Uttarakhand: Sep. 2014_DSR_6, it may not be Campanula argyrotricha.
I also does not seem to match with Campanula wattiana as per Flowers of India and GBIF

A new species?