Mammillaria longimamma

Mammillaria longimamma DC., Rev. Cact. 113 113 1829. (Syn: Mammillaria uberiformis Zucc.);

M longimamma from Cactus park Panchkula: Mammillaria longimamma from Cactus park Panchkula
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- Yes they are quite common everywhere
However these are not considered as good for growing in residential places according to Indian as well as chinese mythology
- I happened to observe many cactus species from cactus garden in Stanford Univ. campus in California last year. Now I will be able to name some of my photos from that collection hopefully. Cactus flowers are always very beautiful. Regarding the other info. I have heard similar to waht you have said. Succulents and thorny plants are not welcome by many near the house esp. in the balconies....
- All Cactii are a new world species, and I believe barring one all are found only in the Americas.
This one exception is I think found is in Africa and was carried by birds or sea or in some other way

Flora of Chandigarh: Mammillaria longimamma from Chandigarh Botanical Garden: Mammillaria longimamma from Chandigarh Botanical Garden
family- Cactaceae

Plants from Cactus Garden: Mammilaria longimamma from Panchkula Attachments (3). 3 posts by 2 authors.
This one is again an identified one..shot from cactus garden, Panchkula.. please correct if required.. Mammilaria longimamma.....
Thanks for sharing ... I had this photographs from Panchkula but without label. I had similar from Delhi, which I just got identified from Daves Garden. Luckily it matches with your ID.