Mammillaria beneckei

- This plant is native to Mexico
- Pls see more info on
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mammalaria species
Beautiful clump ...,
With flowers like that, I’d say they are in the Dolichothele group of Mammillaria, used to be a distinct genus. Start your search in the genus. I love those plants have have a few myself.

M beneckei
MS/APRIL/2020/8 - ID of the Cactus. : 4 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (4)
Please confirm or otherwise the ID of the Cactus species. 
Photos taken during last Summer in Chennai.
My ID is Mammilaria beneckei
What are the red projections (nipple like strictures/ Red chilli)/? 
Please comment.

I guess the correct ID. These are seed pods (fruit)
Thanks ... for your quick response & con firming the  ID  and for the identification of the peculiar structure