Echinocereus scheeri var. gentryi

Echinocereus scheeri var. gentryi (Clover) N.P.Taylor, Kew Mag. 1: 154 1984. (Syn: Echinocereus cucumis Werderm.; Echinocereus gentryi Clover; Echinocereus scheeri subsp. gentryi (Clover) N.P.Taylor);
Plants from Cactus Garden: Cactus 7 for id from Panchkula : Attachments (1).  5 posts by 3 authors.
Wanted to continue my quest for id of plants shot from Cactus garden, Panchkula.. please id this cactus, only 1 shot I have for this..
This one may be a Echinopsis species
It looks like Echinocereus morricalli, see ... email on the 24th
The plant in the picture is Echinocereus scheeri ssp. gentryi (Clover) Taylor 1997.
The old name sometimes still seen in some lists is Echinocereus cucumis.