Aechmea bracteata

Bahamas; Belize; Colombia; Costa Rica; Guatemala; Honduras; Mexico Central; Mexico Gulf; Mexico Northeast; Mexico Southeast; Mexico Southwest; Nicaragua; Panam; Venezuela as per Catalogue of Life
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Found in Auroville botanical Garden near  Pondicherry, Tamil Nadu.
Any Idea?

Pl. check comparative images at 

Not available at both the links.

Could not find a match as per comparative images at 
It may be related to Agave
Thanks, ... But does not matches with any species so far in efi. 

It could be Bilbergia nutans.
Not Billbergia species as suggested by ..., but some species like Aechmea species- Flower Show, Mumbai
No matching images in the NET.  Hence, unable to suggest the ID.
May be Aechmea bracteata ....

I think it is matching ---Aechmea bracteata ....