Sisymbrium loeselii

London False-rocket;

Balgarden, Srinaran on June 15, 2010; Sisymbrium loeselii from Kashmir - efloraofindia | Google Groups
Brassicaceae Week: Sisymbrium loeselii from Kashmir: Sisymbrium loeselii L.,Cent. pl. I:18. 1755
Common name: London false rocket
Tall annual herb reaching 1 m or more, somewhat hispid in lower part; basal and lower leaves long petiolate, lyrate-pinnatipartite with large triangular-hastate lobe and lateral smaller lobes, upper leaves sucessivel smaller with shorter petioles, uppermost subsessile; Flowers bright yellow, 6-8 mm across, in up to 40 cm long raceme; pedicel 8-12 mm long, petals 5-8 mm long; siliqua 20-40 mm long, linear-subcylindrical,, 1 mm broad.
Very common in Kashmir valley on roadsides, wastelands and field borders.

Location: Paddar Valley J&K
Altitude: 3800 meters
any closer pics of the leaf and flower, by any chance?
I hope Sisymbrium loeselii
S. irio has much smaller flowers and does that grow at that altitude.
Thanks a lot for correction Sir