Lepidium species- on the way to Khardung-La


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Request for IUD of the enclosed plant.
Shot on the way to Khardung-La at an altitude of 12000 ft on 22 Aug 2014.
Seems from Brassicaceae, probably Lepidium sp. ... may tell.. 
Thank you for ID hints. It looks like Lepidium densiflorum common name : common pepperweed and prairie peppergrass. (Wicki) ....
I did not find this plant in the FOI. Request to include if the above ID is correct.
Khardung La mountain pass is in India at +18000 ft elevation.
Lepidium densiflorum is not known in India as not enumerated in Flora of India vol-2.
The ID may need deeper investigation.
I am not an expert. These pictures were shot at an altitude of 11500-12000 ft before reaching to the Khardung -La. As per the hints received from ... I guess it is Lepidium densiflorum and it looks like that.
Please arrange to ID from some expert  if possible.
I have just been looking at A NEW EXPERIMENT and the link to Lepidium and thus this page.
Please note that Lepidium densiflorum is a common & widespread in North America but has never been recorded from Ladakh and his
HIGHLY UNLIKELY to be found there.  
Dickore & Klimes list 4 species of Lepidium in the most up-to-date check-list for Ladakh. 
I shall look into this further.