Desideria pumila

Desideria pumila (Kurz) Al-Shehbaz, Ann. Missouri Bot. Gard. 87: 560 2000 publ. 2001. (Syn: Christolea pumila (Kurz) Jafri; Ermania bifaria Botsch.; Ermania koelzii O.E.Schulz);

ID request-021011-PKA2: Seen this herb near Tsomoreri Lake, Ladakh. Requesting help for its ID..
Date/Time: 13-09-2011 / 05:00PM
Location: Tsomoreri Lake, Ladakh (Altitute: Approx: 15075ft).
Leaves Thick, spathulate and some what like a Spoon shape and leaves near the flowers were having whitish hairs as compared to other leaves, margin entire.
Could spot only few flowers (White coloured). probably it was end of flowering season?

Closest I can think is Desideria pumila
I think it should be Desideria pumila (syn: Christolea pumila)
Yes ... It does look like Christolea pumila. Thanks.