Cardamine flexuosa ?

Cardamine flexuosa ?;

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Bangalore 26th July
This is Cardamine, perhaps C. flexuosa...
Thank you very much ...
What herb? ABJAN01/0117 posts by 5 authors. 4 images.
I find this ground-hugging herb commonly and have been meaning to seek you advice on it. I found some flowers and seed pods on it the day before and took some pictures. Please advise.
Above Mcleodganj, Dharamshala, HP
2 January, 2016 
I think some Cardamine sp.
Pl check local flora for sp.
yes a Brassica- a cardamine sp- beyond that i dont know

My preliminary research shows that it could be C. floxuosa. Please advise.
Does not seem to match with images of Cardamine flexuosa
may be cardamine hirsuta?
It looks like Cardamine flexuosa. Can you please upload a complete plant in flowering stage?
And average no. of leaflets per leaf, maximum length of siliqua to
rile our C. impatiens and C. hirsuta (other species of that area). 

Thank you ... I think my sample could very well be C. hirsuta. I have made a more detailed study and attaching new photos for your kind advice. Attachments (7)
This time, you have presented in a very scientific way. Your
photographs are awesome. CONGRATULATION.
But, I have still some apprehensions. In C. hirsuta, radical/rosette
and cauline/stem leaves are similar that differ only in size. In your
photographs, upper leaves appear quite different. 
Thank you ... I had thought it C. flexuosa before but it does not have the zig-zag stems. What do you advise? I will consult Col Collett once again and see if we have a closer match. 
I'll send you data from recent Floras on Himachal Pradesh. 
That’s very kind of you ... I look forward to receiving the more update info. Is there a book you’d recommend on the flora of Himachal too? 
No specific floristic work on Kangra is there. Flora of adjoining districts i.e. Flora of Chamba and Flora of Kullu by Prof M. Sharma of Punjabi University Patiala will be of help for you.