Braya species ?- MNP, Mumbai
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Saw this ornamental Bonsai at the BBC Show in MNP, Mumbai on 29/3/13.
Tiny purple flowers.
Sorry for the bad pictures due to low light as the Bonsai were kept inside a hall.
I think it belongs to the Braya species but I may be completely wrong....
Thanks for a possible id.
Hope our experts get it identified.
This is Blue Braya as you had correctly suggested earlier.
I saw a picture in one of the Bonsai brochures today.
But can't find any pictures or the botanical name on Searching.
Yes ..., I have the plant in my balcony garden now, I too am searching for its scientific name.....
Adding pictures of Yellow Braya seen recently at the BBC Show in MNP, Mumbai last month.
Eager to know the botanical name.
This Bonsai plant still remains a mystery.
On a closer look, I could find green pods.
Another similar with yellow flowers.
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Can the plant posted in the original post here (the one with blue/purple flowers) be a species of Hovea?
To me it looks like a legume, Papilionoideae, not Braya which won't have such big petals. plus standard and keel can be seen, plus persistent calyx.