Cordia species- Karnala Bird Sanctuary
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I found this plant (looks like a scandent shrub, probably woody and branched at base, further branches seemed tender)
... growing among thicket of many other plants along road side in the ghat section near Karnala Bird Sanctuary on 31st March 09.
Requesting ID.
I think this should be 'Mappia foetida".
... (plantscape at flickr) believes this to be not M. foetida.
Will wait for comments from other friends.
Look like cordia.
I have earlier mailed this plant as Cordia species
Yes ..., many thanks to you and ... but I am not yet able to get to exact species, whose habit is more of a scandent shrub.
(I do not know if I am mistaking it to be a shrub). 
Any other species found in the Western Ghats, besides listed below ? 
Cordia dichotoma (syn. C. myxa)
C. gharaf (syn. C. rothii)
C. monoica
C. obliqua
var. tomentosa
C. octandra
C. wallichii
This is Cordia and most probably C. montana, but dissected flower for confirmation.