Boraginaceae member


For ID 190911 NS1: Attached pics were taken at Mulshi, Pune. It was a wild flower bush.
Date taken- 4 th Sep 11.
Some Boraginaceae ??
... yes Boraginaceae, ... species of Adelocaryum (syn. Paracaryopsis, Cynoglossum) ... please wait for comment(s) for ID.
May be Cynoglossum lanceolatum ??

VOF Week: ID request-1--- herb seen en-route Hemkund Sahib: Sharing few photographs of the herb seen en-route Hemkund Sahib.
A member of Boraginaceae. Please upload a close up of fruit to judge the genus.
This shows a remarkable similarity with any Primulaceae....Androsace??
Yes ... My first reaction was also that: An Androsace emerging from between taller herb, till I saw the alternate leaves and flowers associated with these and corona scales of corolla.

VoF Week: 02092012 BS2 Boraginaceae member for id:
Boraginaceae member for id
This herb was shot from Ghangriya govindghat trek
I had also considered Cynoglossum, but lower most flower should have nutlets visible and spreading sepals. Here find nulets completely hidden, a feature seen only in Myosotis, but flower colour is confusing. Identification of Boraginaceae members needs essential presence of fruits. Perhaps a close up of fruit should provide some clue.

VOF Week: Boraginaceae sp- FMN-1---- near Joshimath: Boraginaceae sp- seen near Joshimath.
Date/Time: 06-08-2012 / 10:45AM
Leaves and stem hairy

Boraginaceae sp- FMN-7------ at VoF: Date/Time: 08-08-2012 / 08:00AM
Flowers were approx. 0.5mm to 0.6mm across.

Boraginaceae sp- FMN-9------ en-route Hemkund Sahib: Photograph was taken from a distance, not very clear.
Date/Time: 09-08-2012/ 12:10PM

OF Week: Boraginaceae sp.--FMN-6 en-route Joshimath: Date/Time: 06-08-2012 / 08:00AM

VOF Week: Boraginaceae sp.--FMN-12 en-route Vasundhara fall:   This Boraginaceae sp. was seen en-route Vasundhara fall.

A small plant found growing wild on the roadside around Srinagar in Sept,11.
... had suggested it to be some Myosotis species earlier on our group.
Kindly confirm id.
This is Boraginaceae but not Myosotis - seems quite distinctive. Shall take a close look another time.
Thank you for looking into my post and for the correction. Will add cropped images for a better view.
Adding cropped images since I have only one picture taken by the roadside. Hope it helps. Attachments (3)