Mansoa alliacea ?

Mansoa alliacea ?;

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Please ID this climber with puple flower. Photo was taken in Fiji in Oct 2013
It may be the garlic vine, Mansoa alliacea of Bignoniaceae.
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This particular Independence day brought happiness to me in real sense. Yesterday , on Independence Day first bunch of Wisteria chinensis bloom in my house and Passiflora which gives first flower on Diwali also started blooming yesterday onwards. I have taken he photo and post it soon.
Here are the shots of Whisteria chinensis.
I think the flowers in the posted pictures belong to Bignoniaceae (resembling Adenocalymma). Wisteria sinensis is a Fabaceae member.
yes sir.....I feel it as adenocalyma
I have Adenocalyma plant also in my house, which used to bloom from October to Jan,
Now for some reasons it is not doing well.
The difference in between these two plants character-the leaf structure, the colour and the smell.
Only flower-shape and colours are the similar, but not the size and flowering season.
Besides that I have seen the flower in temperate region and grown it here in India International Centre, Delhi.
I find pictures of Wisteria chinensis on net totally different from your posted ones
Wait for next season. Hopefully more flowers will appear. Then it will be easier to identify.
Above plant should be Mansoa alliacea  (Lam.) A.H. Gentry  (syn: Adenocalymma alliacea (Lam.) Meirs; Pseudocalymma alliaceum (Lam.) Sandwith) if it has garlic smell when leaves are crushed or else Bignonia aequinoctialis L. (Cydista aequinoctialis (L.) Miers) if it lacks garlic smell
The two are often confused