Betula species ?- California
Climber For ID : California : 13DEC14 : AK-39 : 8 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (3)
Climber seen in Sacramento on 7/10/14.
No flowers.
not a climber
a tree. small right now with drooping branches
cant recall the name at this minute
will tell you as soon as it comes up
in my memory bank
just came up
its european weeping birch
Betula pendula
Your memory bank is too good.
Thanks for the id.
I did check after I replied to you.
Frankly, the leaves are looking a bit different.
This could be some other Species of Betula.
Let us wait for more expert comments.
question is how many varieties of  weeping betulas are there on this earth
that too in california?
may be Dr Suess knows?
there used to be one or two in his garden