Alnus cordata (Loisel.) Duby (Cultivated- USA) (Images by Aarti S.Khale (identified by Vijayasankar and Aarti S.Khale), photographed in California)

Alnus nepalensis D.Don (Images by Dinesh Valke, identified by Sheila and Gurcharan Singh)

Betula alnoides Buch.-Ham. ex D.Don (Himalaya to S. China as per WCSP; Assam; Bangladesh; China South-Central; China Southeast; East Himalaya; Hainan; Laos; Myanmar; Nepal; Thailand; Vietnam; West Himalaya as per Catalogue of Life)

Betula utilis D.Don (Images by Dinesh Valke (1,2-ID by Satish Phadke) and Balkar Singh)

Carpinus viminea Wall. ex Lindl. (Images by Nidhan Singh (ID by Gurcharan Singh and Kishan Lal) & Prashant Awale (ID by Manoj Chandran & Gurcharan Singh))

Corylus avellana L. (Europe) (Images by Sushmita Jha, identified by Gurcharan Singh)

Corylus jacquemontii Decne. (Images by Dinesh Valke (1), Balkar Singh (2,3) and Nidhan Singh (4,5,6))

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