Impatiens species- Upper Siang district, Arunachal Pradesh
Impatiens sp. for ID plz.
Loc.: Jengging, Upper Siang district (ca. 800 m) Arunachal Pradesh
Date: Sept. 2007
Growing wild.
We need an expert for balsams from NE India - in Sikkim only there could be about fifty species and some recent threads and finds show that this part of your country is still underexplored botanically.
I can said that this one is different from all other...
Are somebody able to bribe :-), lure :-) or kidnap :-) so wanted expert?
Yes, I too agree to the opinion of ... Arunachal Pradesh is an underexplored botanical region of India. Worth exploring!!
I agree that Arunachal Pradesh is still less explored.....and undoubtedly the geographical constraints are the main cause. You cannot find motorable roads everywhere and trekking for days and nights are the only option at many places. But somehow its good for protection of our natural heritage too. :-) I worked there for 5 years for my Ph.D. but still feel like working there if getting chance. Botanical Survey of India is doing excellent job exploring remote corners of the state but still a lot has to be done. I hope somebody will take up the Impatiens project soon in Arunachal Pradesh.