Impatiens inconspicua

Impatiens inconspicua Benth. ex Wight & Arn., Prodr. fl. Ind. orient. 139. 1834;

Tiny Balsam;

Flaccid glabrous herbs. Leaves distantly serrate, basal ones ovate, upper linear, sparsely hairy above, glabrous below. Flowers solitary or pairs, 1 cm long. Pedicels slender, pubescent, to 1 cm long. Sepals linear, subulate with terminal lobes of wings broadly obovate, clawed, laterals linear. Lip saccate. Spur 0, Seeds globose, black, shining.  
Flowering and fruiting: September-December 
Western Ghats
(From India Biodiversity Portal (Impatiens inconspicua Benth ex. Wight & Arn. var. inconspicua)
Nilgiris: Impatiens for identification 141112MK01: 
Please help me to identify this Impatiens sp. Commonly seen near wet rocks and moist places of high altitudes.
Height: 15-20 cm
Leaf: up to 2 cm long
Flower: 0.7 cm across
Date: 20 Oct 2012
Place: near Avalanche, Nilgiris, TN
Alt.: 2200 m asl
I had seen with similar leaves at Kaas (not sure if this is same or not), called Impatiens lawii

The flower size is larger than the leaf size in all the pictures (Kass week & flowersofindia); my plant has smaller flowers. I think the leaf shape is highly variable in this species.
Good photos indeed. At first look, it appears to be Impatiens inconspicua Bth. but surely belongs to I. inconspicua - I. pusilla complex. This is also available at Bababudans in Karnataka which Hook.f. has called I. inconspicua var. nematostachys. For more details see my book on Impatiens of Western Ghats.

Balsaminaceae, Geraniaceae and Oxalidaceae Week: Balsaminaceae :: Impatiens inconspicua Mulshi Pune:
4 images.  Impatience inconspicua.
Observed near Mulshi Pune.
Leaves 3-4cm
Flower less than a cm.
Nice set of photographs.
This tiny Impatiens is lying in my unidentified folder. This is also from the W.Ghats of TN. Please help to id this.

It looks similar to Impatiens herbicola
This balsam with small flower and spurless lip leans more towards Impatiens inconspicua.
'Annuae' group of balsams in Western Ghats are the most difficult ones to identify. The lobed or unlobed nature of wing petals, presence or absence of dorsal auricle, presence or absence of spur are the main key characters used to distinguish different species. Especially, I. inconspicua species complex forms the toughest group. The place of occurrence is another important clue as most of them are endemic. If you happen to remember where it was located pls let me know.
..., we located this plant in the Kalakad-Mundanthurai Tiger Reserve on the way to Upper Kodaiyar Dam, if I remember correctly. I am sorry that I am unable to provide more details as I currently have no access to the samples and other details.

Oxalidaceae Week: Balsaminaceae - Impatiens for ID : Nilgiris : 090313 : MK 005 : Attachments (9).  
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Kindly help me to identify this small balsam found commonly in driblets of Nilgiris.
The herb height was not more than 20 cm anywhere. the leaves were of < 3 cm long; flower didn't exceed 1 cm across.
Location: Mukruthi NP, Nilgiris, TN
Alt.: 2300 m asl
Date: 19 Oct 2012
It is Impatiens inconspicua

ANMAR24/45 Impatiens inconspicua : 1 post by 1 author. Attachments (3)
Family: Balsaminaceae
Date: September 2014
Place: Chikamagalur, Karnataka
Habit: Herb
Identified by: ...
ANSEPT38/38 Impatiens inconspicua Benth. ex Wight & Arn. : 1 post by 1 author. Attachments (3)
Family: Balsaminaceae
Date: 24th September 2015
Place: Chikamagalur, Karnataka

Habit: Herb

Fwd: Regarding Impatiens inconspicua : 1 post by 1 author.
I was looking through my folders to upload photos to FOI and I found this photo for I. inconspicua there. One of the characters that lead away from I. inconspicua is that there is no spur which is very much present in your photo.  I request you to please check again.
In this regard, I found the following posts on eflora that have wrongly been identified as I. inconspicua:
1) efi thread 1
2) efi thread 2
3) efi thread 3
4) efi thread 4
I have just posted clear photos of I. inconspicua now.
I was with Bhaskar sir on a trip and he identified it on the spot for me, so there is no ambivalence in the identity. I did not want to inform senior members in the above posts that there may be a doubt in the identity and hence told you instead.
Once you have checked all of this, kindly also inform ... on FOI regarding this. I have sent in the photos to FOI just now as well.

TSPOCT2015-28: Images of Impatiens inconspicua shared : 2 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (5) 
It is my pleasure to share a few images of Impatiens inconspicua (Balsaminaceae)
Habit: Terrestial herb
Habitat: Evergreen forest fringe
Sighting: Mullaianagiri, Chikmagalur, Karnataka, about 1700 msl
Date: 08-09-2015
Such a cuute impatiens  

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