Impatiens dolichoceras

Impatiens dolichoceras E. Pritzel, Bot. Jahrb. Syst. 29: 456. 1900;

Images by (RItesh Kumar Choudhary - Id by Prashant Awale & Tabish) & (Ushaprabha Page - Id by Pankaj Kumar & Tabish)

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Further id of the impatiens in the Eagle nest sanct.
Second pic is a different flower - it is not an Impatiens at all.
I fully agree with ..., you really have very sharp observations sir....
Two pics belong to different plants. First one is of course an Impatiens, most probably Impatiens dolichoceras or something close.
Second pic is from family Zingiberaceae most likely to be Globba. The flowers are drenched in water so they are damaged.
Thats a brilliant identification ...! It is Impatiens dolichoceras indeed, a species from China. Must be a new record for Arunachal Pradesh.
If ... has another picture showing the leaves or another, it would be great.
Impatiens sp. for ID plz.
Loc.: Jengging, Upper Siang district, Arunachal Pradesh
Date: Sept. 2007
Growing wild.
Nice find again. Could this be Impatiens dolichoceras?
It could be I. dolichoceras, but it is only a guess
I wonder if this could be I. drepanophora Hook. f.
... and other experts can help.
Maybe, but plants are in different development stages. What is similar is inflorescence with many flowers, general shape and color.
In your plant there are bracts near every pedicel, lacking in other plant, however this other plant is flowering and fruiting and such elelements can easily drop.
From available material I can't recognize it surely
Impatiens dolichoceras in my view.