Impatiens devendrae ?

Impatiens devendrae Pusalkar ?;
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Flower for Id pl. Is it some Balsam species ?
Location - Near Rampur, Himachal Pradesh
Date- 23.08.2015
Habitat -Wild
Do you have any side view ?
Check Impatiens glandulifera...
It looks me as Impatiens blcolor.
There were similar plants posted on eFI.
Colour pattern on lateral petals looks like in recently described I. devendrae (see paper by Pusalkar & Singh 2010, also posted somewhere on eFI).
However, main colour is more pink than in original description.
I don't have enough material to decide if this is variability within the species or something close to I. devendrae.
Lateral view of flower will be helpful.