Balanophora fungosa

 Images by T. Badri Narayan (ID by Santhosh Kumar) & Ritesh Kumar Choudhary (from Vietnam- Validation by Tanay Bose)


Balanophora from Vietnam_RKC_03_25042011: Balanophora from Vietnam (could be B. fungosa). Pl validate.
Loc.: HonBa Natural Reserve, Vietnam
Date: 12th April, 2011.
- This is 100%  Balanophora fungosa when it comes out of the ground it will turn cream white in colour .. few week back one my friend out here went for Vietnam trip he too brought back the photo of this plant... he mistaking thought this to be a mushroom
- That reminds me of a similar plant my friend brought back from trip in J & K. For few days we thought it to be a fungus till we finally identified it as Balanophora involucrata. I published this as popular science article
under the title "A flowering mushroom".
- So this is clear that not only my friend but quite a few people mistake this plant as a mushroom!

Madhikettan Shola 200313 TBN 1 ? Root Parasite : Please identify this plant details of which are as follows: Date : 08.12.12                                                        
Location :Madhikettan shola, Munnar
Altitude :5000 ft
Habitat :wild evergreen forest
Habit :?Root Parasite
Height :?flowering body 10 cm
Leaves :nil
Flowers :as shown
Fruits :not seen
Female plant of Balanophora fungosa belongs to Balanophoraceae