Gerbera jamesonii ?

Gerbera jamesonii ?;

At the Flower Show in Jijamata Udyan, Mumbai on 23/2/2012.
Kindly confirm id.
I am probably wrong.
This is Gerbera Daisy?
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Request for validation of a composite from Mahe photographed in September 2019.
Is it Gerbera jamesonii?

Leaves and habit are not clear.
So, I can not say much.
Looks different from Gerbera jamesonii  

It is also Gerbera jamesonii, ... Leaves in this case are indicative. Sometimes, angle of the click changes everything. That's why, we suggest members to click from different angles 

Ok, ...
This is not Gerbera species. Let me check further.
Looks more like a Helianthus species hybrid variety. Tithonia diversifolia (2nd option).   
Is it a big shrub like a tree or a medium sized plant. Photographs of the leaves would help to check  the ID.
It is a medium sized plant, 
..., kindly share the side view of the plant and approximate height. Clicks of leaves from both sides will be useful.
As of now I may not have any other pictures of this plant. Anyhow I will search my collections for more pictures.