Launaea species- enroute to Ghanghariya from Gobind Ghat
This composite was found growing along the route leading to Ghanghariya from Gobind Ghat..
looks similar to Taraxacum officinale.. but the leaves differ.. can this be any Launaea..
please help to id..
Launaea species in efi. 
One Launaea with obovate-spathulate, entire leaf is L. microcephala Hook. f., which seems to be a small and slender plant -
Another similar plant is L. acaulis (Roxb.) Kerr -
This much i could find presently.

Thanks ... for the feedback on my Launaea posts.. I will try to find out the relevant data from the links..  I am also waiting for further inputs..
I too have this species with me; pics and specimen. Like to know ID.