Arctotis hirsuta

Arctotis hirsuta (Harv.) Beauverd, 46 1915. (syn: Arctotis calendulacea Thunb. ex Harv. & Sond. (ambiguous synonym); Arctotis fugax (Harv.) Beauv.; Arctotis hirsuta (Harv.) Lewin; Arctotis subacaulis Beauv.; Venidium arctotoides Hort. Hamb. ex Harv. & Sond. (ambiguous synonym); Venidium fugax Harv.; Venidium hirsutum Harv.; Venidium hispidulum DC. (ambiguous synonym); Venidium speciosum Hort (ambiguous synonym); Venidium subacaule DC.);      
South Africa (N-Cape Prov., W-Cape Prov.) as per Catalogue of Life;

For id from Panchkula-2012: 6 images. 8 posts by 6 authors.
This ornamental was shot from Command Hospital, Panchkula on March 08, 2012. I think this should be a Calendula sp. Hope to find the id.....
This is Calendula officinalis L.
Calendula officinalis.
yes, common in the northeast gardens
I was wondering if this can be a different species of Calendula, the shape of leaves, number of ray florets and densely hairy foliage prompted me to question the species...anyway thanks a lot..
I find it difficult to accept it as Calendula officinalis: involucre bracts are very different, ray florets scarcely toothed and leaves much smaller and much more hairy.
This is again put for your consideration..
Reply from another thread:
"I don't think this to be Calendula"
Due to a recent interaction, the id for this ornamental is nearly final...
Please give your views if this can be Arctotis hirsuta
it certainly is hairy. that's what had raised a bell that it was not a calendula