Silybum species

Silybum species;,Kenya.JPG?part=0.1&view=1&vt=ANaJVrG7Hv_PXxZ7VZC_44qOoMdCJbllrj6am4QIZy5baPgTwXNaqLj50qv3Fqi7yUzbUQkzZ9-4PJNcVQzLYF0TJ00sE7mpcaxUvfdir7ekw22rDD29R4o

Garden Plant for ID : Kenya : 200611 : AK-2: Taken at Nairobi,Kenya on the 30th of Jan, 2009.
Some Acanthus?
any possibilities for Silybum marianum of Asteraceae?
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leaves are too uniform... so, my vote, no...
silybium ok... species do not know...
these are just the basal rosette leaves... do not know what they'll grow up to be...