Senecio dalzellii

Senecio dalzellii C.B.Clarke, Comp. Ind. 201. 201 1876. (syn: Senecio lawii C.B.Clarke);

India (Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu) as per Catalogue of Life;
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Would like to share images of Senecio dalzelii.
The key characters are:
Dichotomous braching, bract seen on peduncles. Leaf margins curved downward., leaves covered with white wooly tomentum, Pappus white.
The species was photographed in Vadgaon Maval, Maharashtra

Is the google image correct ? 

Am not sure about these google images. I always prefer tallying my specimens with available flora literature and never with online images whose provenance is (most of the times) unknown. Hence I have tallied my specimen with Cook's flora and it fits in very well!

Thanks, ..., There is no harm in comparing if these are from reliable net links. 

Thanks, ... Your id is perfectly all right in view of the following:
I have left comment on Herbaium JCB link for their id being incorrect. 


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