Kleinia petraea ?

Plant for ID : Bangalore : 04OCT20 : AK-11 : 12 posts by 5 authors. Attachments (1)
Seen growing on a house compound wall.
Piper Species?

Does not look like Piper sp. Ficus sp. ??
Could be kalanchoe species 
Thanks … It was like a vine climbing up.
Any other views ???? ma'am,
What about two thick stems in foreground? Same plant?
I have only one picture.
We had parked the vehicle and since it was an unknown house, I took a picture from the car itself.
Since someone can come out and object. 
That area was also unknown and very crowded.
Yes, the stems are of the same plant, and it had gone up 5-6 feet clinging to the wall.
Some Orchid Species?
I also think it may be some Crassulaceae member as per comparative images herein.
Something close to Senecio jacobsonii?

Thanks … My variegated potted plant from Lalbagh could be the same.