Gynura nitida ?

Gynura nitida DC. (Syn: Gynura simplex ) ?;

Images by Yazdi Palia (Id suggestion by Neil Soares) (Inserted by J.M.Garg) (For more photos & complete details, click on the links)

Stout herbs, stem furrowed, glabrous. Leaves basal and cauline, similar, 10-15 x 3-4 cm, oblanceolate, entire, apex obtusely acute, narrowed and amplexicaule at base. Heads 16 x 12 mm, cylindrical, 10-20 together, in panicled cymes; bracts 10 x 2 mm, lanceolate, acute; receptacle rugose. Flowers not all fertile; corolla 10 mm long, lobes obtuse, glandular. Achenes 3.5 x 1 mm, ellipsoid, 11-ribbed, truncate, black; pappus 14 mm long, white. 
Flowering and fruiting: January-December 
Western Ghats

scientific name of the herb please? : Attachments (4). 6 posts by 4 authors
could someone please identify the herb, pictures attached.
Date & Time 30 September 2010
Location: Place, Altitude, GPS Chethalayam, Wayanad.
Habitat: Garden, Urban, Wild Type: Wild
Plant Habit: Tree, Shrub, Climber, Herb herb
Height, Length.
Leaves Type, Shape, Size- Large
Do the leaves in the last photograph belong to the same plant as shown flowering in other photographs?
Possibly Gynura nitida.
The plant is different but of the same species. The flower buds are just forming. I added this picture to let you have an idea of the leaves.