Euryops pinnatipartitus (Cultivated- USA)

Images by Gurcharan Singh and Aarti Khale (ID by Gurcharan Singh) (Inserted by Gurcharan Singh)                                     
Euryops pinnatipartitus (DC.) B. Nord.
Syn: Euryops pectinatus Cass.; Gamolepis pectinata Less.
Shrub with softly white-pubescent leaves, deeply pinnatifid with linear lobes; heads 4-5 cm across, terminal on long peduncles, yellow, ray florets 12-15; involucre bracts white-hairy. 
Photographed from California.

Garden flowers seen in Nairobi, Kenya in January, 2009.
Cultivated, ornamental.
Had posted this too on our group earlier but there was no id confirmation.
I tried searching on the net and identified them.
Kindly correct me if wrong.
Thanks ... You got my California plant also.
Should be Euryops bipinnatipartitus with grey hairy leaves and bracts
Request for ID : 250111 : AK-2: Taken at Nairobi, Kenya in January, 2009.
Is it Tithonia diversifolia?
I think this is not Tithonia diversifolia. I have doubts about Tithonia too. They are much bigger flowers as well as plants.
Yes not Tithonia diversifolia, which has much larger and broader lobed leaves. I have also photographed this plant from California, but not able to identify it yet.
Is it Euryops pectinatus by any chance or some Euryops?
Looks like :)
This is also Euryops bipinnatipartitus with silvery gray leaves and bracts (syn: Gamolepis pectinatus)


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