Emilia species- Meghalaya

Please help to identify this Emilia species, recorded from Meghalaya..
This may be same as Earlier Upload by Karuna Ji
Inputs requested..

emilia sonchifolia
Please Check Emilia sonchifolia Sir
Thanks ... for forwarding, thanks to ... for their opinion...
But I am sure this cannot be Emilia sonchifolia

Eight species of Emilia are known in India as per BSI document.
E. alstonii (Karnataka)
E. exserta (Karnataka)
E. javanica (Eastern, Northern, North East and Peninsular India)
E. prenanthoidea (Eastern Himalaya and NE India)
E. ramulosa (SW Ghats)
E. scabra (NE & Paninsular India)
E. sonchifolia (Throughout India)
E. zeylanica (NE & Peninsular India).
But this species is quite interesting with no petiolate radical leaves and almost entire cauline leaves. A difficult one (due to morphological variation) or something new?
Expert opinion is needed.