Inuleae member ?- Shivalik hills
bush with yellow flowers growing in the shivalik hills near chandigarh, for id please.
photographed in the month of june
the bushes were 5-6 feet tall with bunches of yellow flowers
Garg Ji, it is Inula cuspidata (Lanceleaf Inula). But the confusion is, it has been listed as Duhaldea cuspidata in efi. D. cuspidata is also an accepted name and not listed in any FLORA OF H.P.
Thanks, ..., Pl. check first reference under Duhaldea cuspidata page i.e. efi thread  
Thank you for the latest update on the Genus Inula. Paper link is not available. I have requested the authors to send me full paper. 
Looks different from other images at Duhaldea cuspidata

kindly ask ... to tell whether it was wild or cultivated ?

As far as I could tell, It did not seem planted. It was growing wild on the sides of the hills. There were many bushes
I think, ID is correct. It seems to be Duhaldea cuspidata Syn. Inula cuspidata.
Thanks, ..., No. Posted images are different.
Gynura nepalensis DC. ??
many thanks for the suggestion. i am trying to read up on it
..., plant posted by ... is a shrub. Gynura nepalensis is a herbaceous plant.