Inuleae member- Manang, Central Nepal
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Location: Manang, Central Nepal 
Date: Around Summer
Elevation: 1900 m.

Habitat : Wild.
Sent by a friend.

Neobrachyactis pubescens??
The pics are insufficient you know,

Yes! I understand Nidhan sir. Actually it was requested by a friend which I had 
already mentioned. It was lying pending for 3 years. As such he requested me.
Anyways, it does not look like matching and there is a vast difference in the elevation.
... said it so nicely and succinctly. lets wait for newer crop of it. this one was badly invaded, infected too
Did not understand ! Poor in English !
ha ha, you not know English? he said after giving a possible id, that the pictures are insufficient... very nicely ...
so I said lets wait for newer crop.... ie if you find it again in next season for it. you may get better pictures in your own style and when I enlarged the picture esp the first one,
there are many small black insects on it.
I hope this is clear
Ok. I don't think there would be another picture since it is very remote area and far away from Kathmandu.
Wikipedia › wiki › Manang_District,_NepalManang District, Nepal - Wikipedia
Yes, looks different from Neobrachyactis pubescens
I could not find a match as per comparative images at Astereae 
I tried with keys in Flora of Bhutan, but could not succeed in id.
Thank you ... I am also trying but no result !
Could it be Laggera or Blumea ??
I do not think so.
I feel some like Inuleae member like Inula
Could not get a match.