Duhaldea cuspidata ?

Duhaldea cuspidata ?;

MS Feb.,2016/04 Shrub for ID : 3 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (1)
Location : Hmuifang, Mizoram
Altitude : c. 1,400 m.
Date : 29/01/2016
Habit : shrub
Habitat : Wild
Inula sp.
Pl. check with Duhaldea cuspidata (Wall. ex DC.) Anderb. as per comparative images at Duhaldea

Requesting for ID of this plant : Attachments (1). 4 posts by 3 authors.
Location : Hmuifang (1,500 m. alt.). Date : 25-11-2013. Habitat : Wild. Habit : Herb or small shrub ?
Pl. check with Duhaldea cuspidata (Wall. ex DC.) Anderb. as per comparative images at Duhaldea
Thanks, sir 

230818SP2 ID? : 3 posts by 1 author. Attachments (1)- 1 Mb. 
Location: Bhutan,1827m
Date: 15th June 2018

Thanks, ... Was it a shrub or a herb?
Pl. also mention habit of the plant in your future posts along with mentioning place and habitat like wild or cultivated. All these are required for making a meaningful id.
To me this appears to be from Asteraceae with this image. I think more images showing all aspects are required for a proper id. 

Pl. post more images if you have for id. 
Duhaldea cappa.
I do not think it matches with images at Duhaldea cappa (Buch.-Ham. ex D. Don) Pruski & Anderb. 
However, Duhaldea cuspidata (Wall. ex DC.) Anderb. is possible.