Blumea species


Uses of Blumea-Sunday Reading:   In local newspaper from Raipur interesting information on Blumea
published today. You can read this Hindi document from this link. 

requesting id: please find attached three photos taken in Perambadi, Virajpet, Coorg, Karnataka.
Kindly help me to id the plant.
Is it Grangea maderasapatana

it not Grangea maderasapatana, may be some sp of Blumea 

Looks more like Blumea 

identification no 190411sn1: Kindly identify.Taken at Mulshi,Pune in March 11
plant habit:white tiny flowers in the grass 

Wild plant ID request - RK13 - 14-Oct-2012: I often saw this wild plant growing by the roadside near Karjat region. Some of the leaves were twice and thrice as big than the one held in the last photo.
Could be the leaves of Elephantopus scaber. 
Please check with Blumea species
Thanks a lot ... for your response. I don't have any more photos of this plant and it was not flowering, hopefully somebody would be able to throw more light. 
This does not look like Elephantopus scaber to me; my photographs of which are available at this link
It is definitely a species of Blumea possibly Blumea eriantha a strongly aromatic herb fairly common around Bombay and at Karjat. Sending a few of my photographs taken at Shahapur.
Thank you so much ... I'll surely remember to check for the fragrance next time. Thanks also for sharing the lovely pics.
I happened to come across this plant again ... this time I crushed a leaf and it emitted a strong smell somewhat like Ajwain. Is it the odour you were referring to?
Have no idea what Ajwain is. Maybe someone else could take this call. To me it smells like the ? herb they put in the middle of a Mc Donalds burger.
Ajwain is a very common spice known as bishop's weed, caraway or carom seeds acc. to wikipedia. I have no idea about the contents of the burger ;-(
... to me too, looks species of Blumea.
... images appears to be of Blumea axillaris (Lam.) DC.