Xanthium species ?

Xanthium species ?;


03092011GS1 a tall herb from near Nagrota in J & K for ID: This herbaceous plant up to 90 cm tall, while still in vegetative condition was found growing along roadsides mixed up with Sesamum, Cassia, Martynia and Parthenium. It has long petioled ovate-cordate thick rugose leaves, reaching 20 cm in width, almost as long and petiole nearly as long as blade. The leaves are crumpled and narrower when young. Undersurface of leaves is whitish. It was still in vegetative condition, growing near Nagrota between Udhampur & Jammu in J & K State. Photographed on August 22. Any clue please.
is it something from Solanaceae ??
a wild guess Hyptis suaveolens???
I have seen H. suaveolens growing in Herbal garden in Delhi. The leaves here are much larger and broader.
sirji, garden plant and road side plant have much variation in size and shape of leaves..
It seems like Hyptis suaveolens to me too. But am not sure. I have been uprooting a lot of Hyptis suaveolens recently while weeding a plot! Unfortunately I didn't photograph the plant. When the leaves are
crushed it leaves a black colour on your fingers.
Please also consider that leaves of Hyptis suaveolens are not white underneath, also the leaves are not more than 8 cm long and not more than 4 cm broad as per eFlora of Pakistan, here they are up to 20 cm long and almost as broad. Can we accomodate that under simple variation. I am uploading H. suaveolens from Delhi.
sirji, your photo is of full grown plant, whereas the posted photo is very small, m not able to see beneath part in any of the photos... still i think its Hyptis...
I too think that this is Hyptis suaveolens of Lamiaceae family. The small plants always have larger leaves than that of larger/ mature plants.
Any way if we get the flower pictures, it would be easy to confirm the same.
Pls check if it is Xanthium of Asteraceae.
Hyptis suaveolens is an aromatic plant pls check the aroma can it be Pedalium or Xanthium