Rudbeckia species ?

Rudbeckia species ?;

Garden Flower for ID : Pahalgam : 221012 : AK-1: A garden plant with yellow flowers seen in Pahalgam on 6/11/2011. Unfortunately, I don't have a picture of the full plant or leaves.
Plant was about 3-4 feet in height.
I hope Rudbeckia sp.
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A very old picture of mine taken in Muscat, Oman during March,2008.
Had posted on our group earlier but no correct id.
Rudbackia species?
Plant was around 3-4 feet in height.

Asteraceae Week (Part I - Radiate heads) :: Asteraceae unid-3 from Geneva :: PKA44:: : Attachments (1).
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Asteraceae sp. from Geneva (Switzerland).
Attractive picture ... Rudbeckia sp. most probably