Montanoa bipinnatifida

Montanoa bipinnatifida (Kunth) K.Koch, Wochenschrift des Vereines zur Beforderung des Gartenbaues in den Konigl. Preussischen Staaten fur Gartnerei und Pflanzenkunde 7: 407 1864. (syn: Eriocoma elegans (C.Koch) Kuntze; Eriocoma pyramidata (Sch.Bip. ex C.Koch) Kuntze; Montanoa elegans K.Koch; Montanoa heracleifolia Brongn. ex Groenl.; Montanoa pyramidata Sch.Bip. ex Sch.Bip.; Polymnia grandis Hort.Berol. ex Kunth; Uhdea bipinnatifida Kunth);
Location: Godawari , Nepal
Altitude:  5000 ft.
Date: 15 January 2014
Montanoa bipinnatifida (Kunth) C. Koch : 2 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (4)
Location: 12 Mile, Kalimpong, India
Date: 23 May  2017
Altitude: 4000 ft.
Close-up picture of flower is from Nepal.
Montanoa bipinnatifida (Kunth) K.Koch : 5 posts by 1 author. 5 images- 6 mb or more.
Location: Kalimpong, WB, India
Date: 28 November 2019 
Elevation: 1350m.
Habitat: Wild
Bush For ID : Kodaikanal : 071013 : AK-1 : Attachments (1). 6 posts by 3 authors.
While going through some old folders, I came across this picture taken in Kodaikanal on 23/10/2008 at a higher elevation.
No flowers, only large leaves.
I thought this looks like Papaya. !!
Hope I am not wrong :P of it will be disaster
Thanks for a possible id.
I'm sure its not Papaya.
Familiar with Papaya leaves.
Tapioca came to my mind initially.... but those leaves too are different.
Some expert with knowledge about flora in that area could be of help.
Adding a cropped picture of the stem, in Papaya it is much thicker.
Any Solanum??
Thanks for a clue.
Solanum macranthum, the Potato Tree?
Could be a possibility.
It might not be Solanum sp, ..., because differentiating Characters: opposite leaves and interpetiolar stipules, remembering as Bignoniaceae
Montanoa bipinnatifida ??
Seems you're …


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