Calyptocarpus vialis ?

Calyptocarpus vialis ?;
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Sharing some pictures for ID shot at Chobhar, Nepal on 24 August 2013 at 4500 ft.
Triumfetta sp.?
Any chance of Sclerocarpus africanus (Heliantheae- Asteraceae).
S.africanus in eFI.

Looks like matching to some extent but the altitude habitat 
differs very much. 
Picture shot at  around 4500 ft but it says 200 m.only.
I think Calyptocarpus vialis as per Confusion between Calyptocarpus vialis and Synedrella nodiflora solved (for me atleast)-GSSEP05/123
I guess it is matching with Synedrella nodiflora (L.) Gaertn. (provisionally accepted name)
which is the only plant listed in Nepal as per the following link.

No, it does not match with images at Synedrella nodiflora
Confusing. Calyptocarpus is not on Nepal list.
Please check for species of Bleinvillea
Thank you for the ID hint.
I guess it is matching with Blainvillea acmella (L.) Philipson.
But flower color is white as per FoI.
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CoL page showing accepted name as Spilanthes acmella (L.) Murray (provisionally accepted name) and synonym  Blainvillea acmella (L.) Philipson (synonym)
But the google page showing different plants for these ID.
Your opinion please .
Not matching with images of Blainvillea acmella
I still feel it to be closer to images at Calyptocarpus vialis

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Wedelia urticaefolia?

Synedrella nodiflora ??

Side view for calyx is required.  

Not Wedelia urticifolia as per images herein.
Pl. see three closely related species, out of which one may be yours: