Acmella (Spilanthes) species


Acmella species- Acmella oleracea, Acmella paniculata, Acmella Ciliata, Acmella brachyglossa, Acmella uliginosa- Keys;

Spilanthes ciliata or S. calva; in Upper Dibang Valley, Arunachal Pradesh- Feb.'09?;; Yellow flower - indiantreepix | Google Groups

SYMBIOSIS : 78: Attaching an image of 78th member of the series. Here a Grass blue butterfly is on the flower of Spilanthes Sp.

SYMBIOSIS : 256: Attaching an image of a Common Hedgeblue butterfly on the flower of Spilanthes sp.

SYMBIOSIS: Attaching an image of Common Grassyellow butterfly on the flower of Spilanthes Sp. I have recorded Common Grassyellow butterfly on 22 different flowers and 18 different butterflies on Splanthes flower.

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Attaching an image of a Striped Abatrros butterfly on the flowers of Spilanthes species.
Spilanthes calva DC (?) from Kamrup district (Rural), Assam: Are the attached images Spilanthes calva DC ? Please confirm the ID.
Date :08/11/12
Location: Mirza [Dist- Kamrup(Rural)Assam]
Habitat: Grows on bank of pond
Habit : Herb
Family : Asteraceae
Genus & Species : Spilanthes calva DC (?)
Inflorescence : Large, Yellow in colour
Most species of Spilanthes have been transferred to Acmella, A. calva typically has discoid heads but radiate heads are also known. A. uliginosa looks very similar in leaves and heads but has tetramerous flowers. Pl. check this if you have close up of head.
Achenes are very important for this genus.