Ageratum houstonianum ?

Ageratum houstonianum ?
flowe cantt....habitat-roadside: Please help me to identify this plant
Place-ambala cantt
Height-about 1.5 feet
I think it is Ageratum conyzoides family Asteraceae
Yes Ageratum conyzoides 
I think closer to Ageratum houstonianum as per details and keys herein.
Ageratum conyzoides I hope
Thanks, ..., Details are not clear due to smaller images.
But I think it is more closer to Ageratum houstonianum rather than Ageratum conyzoides as per keys and details herein.
Leaf base as much seen, is not cordate ... which I have found every time I met with A. houstonianum. Plus , head size is not really that big ! 
I wd say A. conyzoides
Thanks, … I do not agree. Pl. see details and comparative images at Ageratum

Two characters are significant in differentiating these species. Leaves truncate to cordate at base, involucre bracts narrowly lanceolate, less than 1 mm broad, gradually narrowed to subulate tip 1-2 mm long in A. houstonianum. In A. conyzoides leaves are narrowed at base, involucre bracts oblong to oblong-lanceolate, suddenly narrowed at tip to less than 1 mm long point. I have downloaded and enlarged last two images, the involucre bracts also match A. conyzoides. The conflict seems to be too much long hairs on bracts and peduncle.