Erigeron species

A species of Erigeron of Asteraceae family.
Upper Chamba Asteraceae i.d. Al291111: today's resurfaced id for ... 'Aster from Himachal' reminded me of this flower, which I did not post earlier since I had only one photograph of this (which I thought may not be enough)... since it was growing off a steep edge...
Location Upper Chamba
Altitude 3500 mts

Habit herb
Habitat wild
Height 30-36 inches
Season July-August

Perhaps Erigeron multiradiatus, but leaves are not clear.
But sir,
Isn't E. multiradius a small plant plant .. 30 cm or so in height... this is taller as I hope you'd be able to see in the last photo... also attaching a close-up of leaf and flower for your perusal...
Baturraden Plant - Asteraceae:  A small asteraceae, Location Baturraden 600 m asl. Could you help me ID our plant please. 
It is may be Erigeron bellidioides Family: Asteraceae