Aster species/ hybrids

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Garden Flower for ID : 010711 : AK-2: Taken at Bryant's Park, Kodaikanal on the 24th of Oct, 2008.
A small cultivated plant.
Is it Chrysanthemum?

To me it does look like Chrysanthemum
i think this aster
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Picture taken on 24/10/2008 at Kodaikanal.
Had posted on our group earlier (Garden Flower for ID : 010711 : AK-2) but remains unid.
Garden Flower for ID : Kashmir : 121011 : AK-2:  Taken at a garden at Pahalgam, Kashmir on the 6th of Sept,11.
miniature aster 

Can it be Aster thomsonii?!!
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A garden flower seen at Pahalgam, Kashmir on 6/11/13.
Posted earlier on our group.
Possible ids were Miniature Aster or Aster thomsonii.
Correct validation please.
Garden Flower for ID : 100711 : AK-2: Taken at Mapro Garden, Mahabaleshwar, Maharashtra on 18/4/2009.
Again a small, potted garden plant.
Chrysanthemum or Aster?
Yes Aster, probably Aster amellus

Aster for ID : 090711 : AK-3: Taken at Racca Nursery,Nasik on 3/1/2006.
A cultivated, garden flower.
Plant having medium height.
This is Aster Flower....what is the correct id for it?
this is daisy flowers.
Could be Aster novi-belji

VoF Week :: DV :: 31 JUL 12 - 1241 :: Asteraceae herb at Auli: 31 JUL 12
Auli ... 8750 - 9000 ft
Habitat: sloping meadow
Habit: herb about 40 - 50 cm high (not sure), flower 10 - 15 mm across (not sure)
... surely, cutting a sorry figure here :( ... Just cannot recollect why I did not cover other aspects.
Getting the ID to genus level is bonus for me.
Perhaps the same as Aster albescens uploaded by ...
The large leaves of Aster albescens seem to be missing; flowers too are comparatively long-stalked.
Insufficient photos. Will let it remain pending for ID until it gets resolved during next trip.

Ornamental for id - 011112 ANB-0018 - Mumbai:  I'd love to know the name of this flower, the central portion is yellow ... not clearly seen here since the flower hasn't opened completely. I have seen this flower also in different colours.
This is Aster species...

Garden Flower for ID : Pahalgam,Kashmir : 270113 : AK-2: A garden flower seen in a garden at Pahalgam in Kashmir on 6/9/2011.
Cultivated, ornamental plants having flowers in pink and purple color.
Kindly id.
That was really fast.
Aster, but which one?