Pyrethrum pyrethroides ?

Pyrethrum pyrethroides ?;

Images by Satyendra Tiwari - Identified by J.M. Garg (Inserted by Bhagyashri Ranade)

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This plant was photographed near hill side in Chakrata.
Total height of the plant was not more than 8-10 inches. Flower about 1-1.5 inch across.
It looks like some sort of Daisy but cant find any ref. in books available with me.
May I req for help in ID. Thanks
I have also taken photo of similar type of plant at Chakrata hill.
plant belongs to family Astaraceae.This may one type of daisy
It looks like margerite (german name)
a very common flower, wild and cultivated. One gets yellow margeriten as well.
Appears like Chrysanthemum pyrethroides as leave appears to be different in margerite- see link for details: &
Here are a few links for pictures:
Book link
i can't see the structure (Rossette at the bottom of the plant).
Moreover many time i read descriptions in my book abt. the stem, if it has a kerb or not. and the fotos don't show all the details.
Next chance of making fotos of margarite are now in may-june 2009.
Look different from images of Chrysanthemum pyrethroides at ID needed for Leh Flowers 25a&b - efloraofindia | Google Groups
Cannot meaningfully help with this other than to confirm it is not what
was Chrysanthemum pyrethroides (not that I am too sure what this is currently).