Chrysanthemum cultivars- Mughal Gardens, Kashmir
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Request ID of this flower. 

Date/Time :

11th June 2009- 9.00am

 Location- Place, altitude and GPS:

Mughal Gardens, Kashmir

 Habitat- garden/ urban/wild/type:


 Plant Habit-tree/shrub/climber/herb:



 1 ft. 


 Inflorescence type /size:



 daisy like

 Fruits type-shape/size/seeds:


 Fragrance/odour/pollinator/uses  and so on:


some sp of Chrysanthemum?
yes this is some sp of Chrysanthemum.
Indeed! is it the same as Shevanti in Marathi?
Chrysanthemum fro sure !! 
Chrysanthemum indicum cultivar/hybrid-- Garden Mum. (No idea of a cultivar name, though.)
Yes ..., you seem to have got the right answer. This was lying unidentified for a long time.
FWIW, Wikipedia can occasionally be of use, especially if too much detail isn't needed (ie: the cultivar name).
When I was a kid in Southern California, USA, these only bloomed in fall, after daylength dropped to a certain # of hours. Nowadays, I see them as bedding plants blooming here in the heat (and long days) of mid-summer. But I still haven't learned the cultivar names...
In Marathi it is called Shevanti, is it?
Yes ..., you are right, in Marathi we call it Shevanti.  During the winter we get it plenty in the flower markets. 
Is ID correct ? 
May be some Chrysanthemum cultivar