Artemisia species


Plant for ID : MNP,Mumbai : 271212 : AK-1: A small plant at Maharashtra Nature Park, Mumbai seen in the medical plants section on 21/11/12.
Plants about 1 foot tall, not more.
Id please.
Artemisia vulgaris (Asteraceae)
Yes. Artemisia vulgaris. In kannada it is known as manjepatre. It is a very useful medicinal plant (for mental disorders ?).
Please check this link for more details.:

The specimens earlier placed under A. vulgaris from India are now mostly referable to A. dubia or A. nilagirica. Uploading A. dubia from Kashmir as per another thread by ...
Kalatope id al120911: A plant growing wild around here , the leaves/flowers have a nice fragrance when crushed
Location Kalatope Chamba
Altitude 2100 mts
Habit herb
Habitat wild
Height 2 feet
Is it Artimisia nilagirica?
Some Artemisia, dont know the species....
It could be ... or of the same family.. I hope some of the elders would comment on this...
Artemisia gratus Wall : Flower Show,Mumbai : 240912 : AK:
Saw this potted plant at the Flower Show, Jijamata Udyan, Mumbai in February this year.
Kindly confirm id.
ID: Artemisia sp.(?) from Guwahati: Is it Artemisia sp. ? Please ID for it.
Time of collection : 09/10/2012
Location : Maligaon, 1 No. gate, Guwahati 11
Habit : Herb