Artemisia gmelinii

Artemisia gmelinii Weber ex Stechm., 17 1775. (syn: Artemisia annua Pall.; Artemisia baicalensis Willd. ex DC.; Artemisia exilis Fisch. ex DC.; Artemisia gmelinii var. gmelinii Artemisia gmelinii subsp. gmelinii ; Artemisia gmelinii subsp. intermedia (Ledeb.) Kupr.; Artemisia gmelinii subsp. latiloba (Ledeb.) Kupr.; Artemisia gmelinii subsp. scheludjakoviae Korobkov; Artemisia hyrcana Spreng.; Artemisia iwayomogi Kitam.; Artemisia iwayomogi var. iwayomogi ; Artemisia iwayomogi f. laciniiformis (Nakai) Kitam.; Artemisia millefoliata M.Bieb. ex DC.; Artemisia monogyna Pojark.; Artemisia plumosa Fisch. ex DC.; Artemisia racemifera Besser; Artemisia sacrorum Ledeb.; Artemisia sacrorum var. intermedia Ledeb. ......; Artemisia santolinifolia Turcz. ex Besser; Artemisia santonica subsp. monogyna Leonova; Artemisia saxorum F.Schmidt; Artemisia stechmanniana var. sibirica Besser; Artemisia stewartii C.B.Clarke; Artemisia suaveolens Fisch. ex DC.; Artemisia wadei Edgew.);

Artemisia gmelinii Weber ex Stechm. (imag
s by Saroj Kumar Kasaju (id by Chris Chadwell)

Common name: Gmelin's Wormwood, Russian Wormwood

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Sharing some pictures for ID shot on the way to Khardung La on 21 August 2014 at 12000 ft.
As per comparative images at Artemisia, I initially thought it to be closer to Artemisia macrocephala Jacquem. ex Besser as per images herein.
But on checking further it appears to be some other species.
I agree the images are not of A.macrocephala.
I am currently thinking about (for images shot on way to Khardung La) what is now A.santolinifolia previously known as A. sacrorum, named as Artemisia gmelinii in 'Flowers of Himalaya' (which has a line drawing) and its Supplement, which has a photo.  Polunin & Stainton say
this species is common on dry stony slopes in Ladakh & Lahoul. 
Your images do not show close-up of main foliage but sufficient that it certainly could be this species.  Also, no close up of rear of flower-heads, which would have been useful.

Thanks, ..., for the Id.
I think it seems to match with images of Artemisia gmelinii at