Asteraceae member- Maharajganj, U.P.

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ID Please
Locality: Maharajganj
Habit: Herb
Altitude: 95 m
I guess it is some sp of Flaveria
nice but out of focus, esp when i try to enlarge to look at details. what lens did you use?
and where in the world is this town or area???
I think Uttar Pradesh. 
Yes ..., Maharajganj is a district in Uttar Pradesh. Thanks
 ... I will send another Photograph soon.

i like to see a closer pic of the buds/flowering and may be that will solve the question of sharpness loss whe enlarging pic in screen.
i am leaning towards Euphorbia ???

To me also appears to some member of Asteraceae only.

However, I do not find any Flaveria species in efi site, so far.

May I request you to point out which Flaveria species are found in your area or in India?

On further searching, I could find two species in India, none of them seem to match with your images, as per

Asteraceae ??

Two species of Flaveria occurs in Uttar Pradesh Flaveria australasica Hook. and Flaveria trinervia (Spreng.) Mohr. Only the latter species has been
reported from our area (North-eastern U.P.), but my photographs are not matching with this species.