Maianthemum purpureum

Himalaya to China (NW. Yunnan) as per WCSP

Requested to please ID this plant seen on the way from Ghangria to the Valley of flowers in August 2018.
Is this some kind of Commelinaceae fruit? Or an orchid?

I think I know this plant, but cant remember the name. Something like Polygonatum. Not orchid, neither Commelinaceae.

Smilacina purpurea now Maianthemum purpureum (Asparagaceae) to me.
It is an early summer blooming her so I suppose the structures on the axis are fruits.
Interestingly, we do not have any upload of this species in eFI.
It is edible as leafy vegetable as told by some herdsmen in Uttarakhand.

Thanks ... so much for the ID. These may be fruits as you indicate.
FOI has 2 entries - white flowers and purplish flowers. They look very pretty.
Glad to provide the first pics on efi.