Dracaena marginata ?

Madagascar Dragon Tree or Red Edged Dracaena;


strange looking plant ID from Hooghly 03-05-12 SK-2:
This plant is from a private property. Please identify this one.
Species : UNKNOWN
Habit & Habitat : tree, private property
Date : 11-03-12, 8.56 a.m.
Place : Hooghly, WB
Probably some species of Agave ..
So, it is a member of Amaryllidaceae... Thank you ... for the suggestion. But my reference book only features the ornamental Agave americana.
Let me see what internet says.... :)
Agave is not Amaryllidaceae, as far as I know!! :(...Agave is rather Agave genus is from subfamily Aavoideae from family: asparagaceae…http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Agavoideae

I personally would prefer to think that the pictures you have here are rather some form of Yucca that grows tall and skinny, I am just surprised that its top has not branched... do not know exact variety though...

My first thought was that it was some unusual bamboo, but may be not... I would rather settle for a yucca and go from there...

The owner of this "private" garden seems fond of tall skinny trunked plants... did you get to photograph what else this unique garden harbored?
Yes, ..., i noticed this discrepancy relating to the family ID of the Agave yesterday night after sending my reply to ...
According to "Plant Groups", the book i consult, placed Agave under Amaryllidaceae (page no.791, Plant Groups by H. Mukherji), but then i understand that this book is outdated.... :)
I noticed the wiki link, you send me, last night.
Oh! yes, ..., there is also Travellers's tree in his garden :)
I think this is a Dracaena, a very common plant in the gardens. Close to Dracaena marginata.
A quick search in the net tells me that this is close to Dracaena marginata.... thank you thank you thank you for the ID help... will search more sometimes later.