Dracaena cochinchinensis ?

Dracaena cochinchinensis (Lour.) S.C.Chen, in Fl. Reipubl. Popul. Sin. 14: 276 1980. (Syn: Aletris cochinchinensis Lour.; Dracaena loureiroi Gagnep. [Illegitimate]; Dracaena saposchnikowii Regel; Draco saposchnikowii (Regel) Kuntze; Pleomele cochinchinensis Merr. ex Gagnep.) ?;

Images by M.Swamliana - identified by Surajit Koley, (inserted by Bhagyashri Ranade) 

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Location : Keifang, Mizoram
Date : 05-09-2008 (flowers)
Habit : Palm-like tree
Habitat : It grows wild in steep (rocky) places of the forest. Also cultivated as an ornamental plant.
It looks like Dracaena draco
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This tree is somewhat resembling Dracaena loureiri in appearance
The only Dracaena, in FBI specified region,  with large decurved inflorescence, is D. angustifolia Roxb. But it may not be same. With its curved inflo, unlike D. draco, I think it comes closer to Dracaena cochinchinensis (Lour.) S.C.Chen. Please check probability, since it is ornamental as well -
Thanks a lot sir ... for good information.
Dracaena loureiri is orthographical variant of Dracaena loureiroi (Lour.) Gagnep accepted name of which is Dracaena cochinchinensis (Lour.) S.C. Chen. However, I do not know if this plant can be same.
Same tree. Attachments (1)
FI informs the stem of D. anhustigolia Roxb. is "as thick as stout walking cane", so I do not think it can be same   .... this much I can say. Attachments (1)